Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Company and Good Wine...that's what Vinovents is all about!

Hi my friends and fellow winos!

In November of 2008, I started a little wine club as a way to bring fun, like-minded people together to drink wine while checking out some of LA's many wine bars. It turned into something much bigger than I ever expected. Attendance to the events steadily increased, as did the word of mouth. Most importantly, people really seemed to have a great time. Who knew so many people were interested in wine?!

Now please understand that I am by no means what you would consider a wine connoisseur or aficianado. I just love wine. I've been drinking wine, lots of it, from the expensive stuff to great finds under $10, for about a decade now. I was lucky enough to have a dad with very good taste who instilled and honed my love of wine, but let's face it: I can't afford to spend upwards of $50 for a good bottle of vino whenever the mood strikes, and I certainly don't want to stay home and drink my wine alone, and why would I with all these great wine bars popping up in the LA area?!

When I go out, what's most important to me is to not only find a fun place to relax with good friends, but to find somewhere that I can find good wine at a good value. Sometimes it's hit or miss, but exploring and discovering the best (and even the not-so best) joints in town always proves to be fun. I'd hate to do it alone, so I'd love for you to either continue to be a part of or join this journey/trip/scouting mission to find the best wine bars and spots in LA to get our vino on.

Now that I've discovered this passion and knack for what I suppose you could call wino-harnessing, I'd like you to join me on this new adventure into the world of wine and good friends, both old and new. As for what I've got coming for you, stay tuned for upcoming wine events. I'm also going to include reviews of wine bars and other things wine-related, like wine stores, wines, and other things of a random nature.

I've got a lot of great ideas of where this can go, but I want this to be everyone's adventure, so I'm always open to your ideas and suggestions. The sky is the limit, so let me know what you're thinking.

See you soon, my lovely winos!


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